Belaia rejoint le mouvement Make Friday Green Again !

Belaia joins the Make Friday Green Again movement!

Belaia is boycotting Black Friday and its harmful consequences by joining the Make Friday Green Again movement for the second consecutive year. We will explain everything to you :
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How to refill your scented candle in 6 steps?

This question may sound weird. "The candle is an ephemeral object, and you say that it could become eternal?" We are proud to be able to tell you that yes, thanks to Belaia refills, your scented candles can burn endlessly!
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The Belaia dictionary: Fuel the flame of your knowledge!

When you have your head in the handlebars, you don't necessarily realize things… By dint of using these words every day, they become obvious to us, but in reality, some are out of the ordinary. In order to help you decipher our dialect, we have concocted THE BELAIA dictionary.

The best candle-themed items