The Belaia subscription is the easiest, most practical and economical way to discover our candles.
You will be transported by our beautiful fragrances throughout the year and enjoy exceptional discounts.

Belaia, Abonnement mensuel, bimestriel, semestriel.

Start your olfactory journey

1. Choose the sending recurrence

Belaia offers you three subscription recurrences to perfectly satisfy your needs and desires.

MONTHLY: Receive a wax refill every month and make a saving of 30% with shipping costs offered to you.

BIMONTHLY: Receive a wax refill every two months and save 20% with shipping costs offered to you.

QUARTERLY: Receive a wax refill every three months and save 15% with shipping costs offered to you.

The advantages of a Belaia subscription


Subscriptions allow you to benefit from reductions of up to -20% on refills and to benefit from free shipping. Up to €240 in annual savings.


By subscribing, you are taking a step towards more responsible consumption by reducing unnecessary waste such as empty glass jars.


From the frequency of reception, to the scent of your refill, you choose everything. Without commitment, you can change everything whenever you want.


You no longer have to do anything to immerse your interior in a warm and fragrant atmosphere. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

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Save 7,50€
Abonnement Recharge MensuelAbonnement Recharge Mensuel
Abonnement Recharge Mensuel
Sale priceFrom 17,50€ Regular price25,00€
Save 5,00€
Abonnement Recharge BimestrielAbonnement Recharge Bimestriel
Abonnement Recharge Bimestriel
Sale priceFrom 20,00€ Regular price25,00€
Save 2,50€
Abonnement Recharge TrimestrielAbonnement Recharge Trimestriel
Abonnement Recharge Trimestriel
Sale priceFrom 22,50€ Regular price25,00€