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Warm Sand Scented Candle Refill
Sale priceFrom 25,00€
Tuberose Flower Candle Refill
Sale priceFrom 25,00€
Blueberry Tea Scented Candle Refill
Sale priceFrom 25,00€
Monoï scented candle refill
Sale priceFrom 25,00€
Vanilla scented candle refill
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Why choose Belaia refills?

Belaia wax refills are 100% natural, as they are made from rapeseed and coconut vegetable oil. This choice of composition allows a healthy, long and clean combustion. Most waxes on the market are made from paraffin, a component that is toxic to humans.

The wick present in our refills are 100% cotton and guaranteed lead-free.

All our refills are handcrafted in France in a small factory in Lyon.

Finally, our fragrances are imagined and designed in Grasse, still in France. Our scented wax offers unique scents that will embalm your interior with a warm atmosphere. Our 6 perfumes offer a wide choice of scents.

How to recharge your candle?

1. Peel the wicks from the bottom of the candle and discard them
2. Boil water then pour it into the empty pot
3. Wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for the water to cool and the wax to rise to the surface
4. Empty and clean the last wax residues using a sponge
5. Clean the glass of the candle using a window cleaner and a cloth
6. Just insert your refill in your jar, and tadam! Your spark plug is like new!

A complete guide as well as a video tutorial awaits you here: How to recharge your candle in 6 steps

Technical characteristics of the candle refill

- 180g or 500g refill
- Scented with the flavor of your choice: Hot Sand, Tuberose, Blueberry Tea, Armenian Paper, Monoi and Vanilla
- In natural & vegetable wax (coconut & rapeseed vegetable oils)
- 100% cotton wick guaranteed lead-free
- Recyclable plastic packaging PS - 80/90% recycled expanded polystyrene, 100% recyclable (in yellow bins).