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Belaia wishes you a happy new year 2023!

2022 has been a great year for Belaia. Our young brand has experienced everything during its first year of existence, and is ready to continue growing throughout 2023!

That 's it, 2022 is over! We would like to express our best wishes for this new year, while thanking you for the trust and support you have given us.

This year has been extremely intense and rich in new experiences as well as twists and turns for Belaia. Every day, we learned new things thanks to you and always with the same obsession: to offer you products and services of irreproachable quality. Your loyalty and your commitment have enabled us to develop at breakneck speed. So THANK YOU!

How better to explain our development to you than with figures?

Belaia in 2022 is:

Wow! This is the NUMBER OF CANDLES SOLD during the year 2022! This figure, we are very proud of it and to be honest, we had not realized until it was asked. We still hope to blow it up at the time of next year's retrospective! We are very happy that you bought and loved (if we are to believe your feedback) our products, we hope this will continue in 2023, in any case we will do everything for it!

This is the number of NEW COUNTRIES in which you can find Belaia! From Italy to Qatar, via Taiwan, our candles are now as international to us as their creators.

This is the number of times BELAIA HAS HAD A STAND AT AN INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION . Whether it's fairs for professionals like Maison&Objets, TFWA or open to the public like the Made in France fair, you were with us. Thanks to these appointments, we had the joy of meeting you, you were able to smell our perfumes, discover our products and make you happy.

The number of DEPARTMENT STORES having welcomed our candles. We are very proud that our products are exhibited and sold at Galeries Lafayette and at Nocibé. We hope to be able to increase this figure by 2023.

This is the number of EPHEMERAL SALES made in 2022 during the holiday season. It was the perfect time to do your Christmas shopping and many of you came! This great success announces others for the coming year, see you there!

This is the number of SHOPS THAT SELL OUR CANDLES . From Lille to Lyon, via Paris, our candles appeal to the greatest number of people and it is for this reason that Cigoire, Triptyque and Obi Obi trust Belaia!
This is the number of PRODUCTIONS LAUNCHED IN 2022 . You loved our products so much that we had to produce a lot more than expected! But as we love to please you, we worked with our factory based in Lyon to ensure quality production that would satisfy the needs and desires of our favorite customers!

This is the number of NEW HEADS WHO HAVE JOINED THE BELAIA TEAM . We welcomed two work-study students to help us get known more quickly, especially via digital channels. We were delighted to welcome these 2 nuggets who joined the team with new ideas and unparalleled determination to contribute to Belaia's success!

And here's to Belaia's 2022 retrospective! All these figures underline the trust you have in us and we thank you once again. However, we don't intend to rest on our laurels for 2023, and that's why we have planned a list of resolutions.

Belaia's resolutions for 2023:

  • Experimenting with new production and design techniques to create even more original and unique candles.

  • Reinforce our commitment to sustainability and the environment by continuing to use environmentally friendly raw materials and developing recycling programs for our packaging.

  • Strengthen our presence online and on social networks to create an engaged community.

  • Work even more closely with our partners to create exclusive and exciting collaborations.

  • Delivering even more exceptional customer service to ensure our customers are satisfied at every step of their journey with our brand.
  • Continue to develop the international market to meet global demand.
  • Make candle consumers aware of the importance of limiting unnecessary waste, and the interest of using a quality and natural wax for the well-being of everyone and to preserve the planet.

We are convinced that these resolutions will help Belaia to progress in all areas! We want to put all these points in place to improve our services, our products and the impact this can have on the planet.

We once again wish you a very happy new year 2023 , we hope that it will be rich in adventures, filled with happiness, accomplishments and satisfactions.

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