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Diffuser kit for 70h candleDiffuser kit for 70h candle
Diffuser kit for 200h candleDiffuser kit for 200h candle

Which scent to choose for your perfume diffuser?

A desire for lightness? Opt for the Thé Myrtille this perfume will deliver you scents designed to relax you without being too marked. Citrus fruits, green tea and sweet notes are on the menu!

If you are a fan of candles with intense scents for the home, the perfume Papier d'Armenie is for you. The Papier d'Armenie perfume diffuser distills nostalgic scents thanks to woody notes accompanied by a vanilla patchouli base.

If you want to travel with the perfume of your diffuser, we recommend Monoï and Sable Chaud. Our Monoï perfume is a fragrant bouquet of orange blossom, tiare and frangipani to perfume your interiors. Our Sable Chaud fragrance is our best seller: marine notes of sea spray, scents of white flowers and a woody base of cedar and musk. The beach and the turquoise water are in your living room!

How to use the Belaia diffuser kit?

Pictogramme verre Belaia

Once your candle is finished, clean it following the recommended steps.

Pictogramme composition kit diffuseur

Get the "diffuser kit" including: a cap, sticks and a bottle of perfume.

Pour the perfume into the glass. Leave at least 2.5 cm between the liquid and the top of the glass.

All you have to do is to close it with the wooden cap and insert the sticks.

Technical characteristics of our diffuser kits

- Diffuser 150mL = 4 weeks of diffusion - Size (cm) 8 × 8 × 10
- Diffuser 400mL = 12 weeks of diffusion - Size (cm) 12.5 × 12.5 x 10.5< br/>- With the scent of your choice: Hot Sand, Blueberry Tea, Armenian Paper and Monoi
- An acacia wood cap
- 8 synthetic fiber diffuser sticks