Discover our range of Belaia perfumes, created to offer you a unique and natural olfactory experience. Our scented candles are made in Grasse, France from natural ingredients and are refillable so you can try our scents over and over. Explore our different fragrances and find the one that suits you best to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Ambre Vanillé

Floral - Vanilla - Musk

Our Ambre Vanillé scented candle mixes floral and woody notes with a touch
of musk and of course a dominant smell of vanilla.



Peach - Tuberose - Vanilla

Our Tubéreuse candle will transport you to a field of white flowers. Its fragrance blends floral notes of tuberose, jasmine and rose as well as a touch of
peach and finally a woody base of musk and cedar.



Frangipani - Tiare - Musk

Our Monoï candle will certainly make you travel to the islands. Its fragrance mixes flowers of
tiare and monoï, underlined by frangipani and orange blossoms, a real journey


Thé myrtille

Citrus - Blueberry - Green Tea

Thé myrtille Tea candle will not fail to reassure you with its enveloping softness. Its fragrance mixes notes of green tea, blueberries and finally a base
of citrus fruits.


Papier d'Arménie

Atlas Cedar - Copahu - Patchouli

Our Papier d'Arménie candle is one of our signature fragrances, it
will necessarily transport you to beautiful olfactory memories. This candle mixes scents of
burnt paper supported by woody notes of cedar and finally a base of vanilla patchouli
which gives it roundness.


Sable Chaud

Lavandin - Ylang Ylang - Tree Moss

Our Sable Chaud candle will transport you to a beautiful beach. Heat, sand and sea
turquoise are there. This candle mixes sea spray notes with
scents of white flowers and a woody base of cedar and musk.