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Our promise

Long-lasting candles

With BELAIA, the candle is no longer ephemeral, it becomes eternal, immortal, it renews itself.

Pictogramme Feuille

For the planet

Thanks to the use of vegetable wax
and wax refills which limit waste.

Pictogramme Sablier

In time

Thanks to wax refills
and longer burn time.

Pictogramme Fourreau

Over the seasons

Thanks to the sheaths which allow you
to change the design to infinity.


Two sizes for a multitude of possibilities

Up to 200 hours of burning for a more sustainable experience: over time, for the planet and for you,
thanks to a vegetable wax.

Bougies parfumées 70h & 200 hBelaia


70 hours of burning

A candle & a refill of 180g in vegetale wax based on Coconut & Rapeseed.

Fourreaux Bougie Belaia

mix & match

A tailor-made candle

You can choose your burning time, your fragrance and your sleeve to create a candle that suits you.

Endless possibilities and a new candle in the blink of an eye!


The candle is no longer ephemeral, it becomes eternal.

Recycleyour empty jar, Reuse your candle endlessly.
Thanks to our wax refills, Reduce your environmental impact by limiting unnecessary waste such as glass from an empty candle.

Miniature Recharger sa Bougie

They were seduced

Thanks for this beautiful discovery ! From reception the packaging respects its promise: neat, eco-responsible, Then, the discovery of the candle, through its packaging we can already smell the smell it gives off, a sweet scent of Monoi reminding us of the holidays. Sleek design that respects the codes I expected. Once the wick ignites, the diffusion is even more intense. Thank you BELAIA team for this sweet moment of happiness!

Abric L.

Our engagements

Pictogramme Made in France

Made in France

Handcrafted candles that make the local economy and know-how work. The perfumes are developed in Grasse.

Pictogramme Main tenant des étoiles


Elegant candles with carefully selected materials and maximized burning time.

Pictogramme Feuille

Environmentally friendly

Plastic-free, recyclable materials, production that respects animals and the environment.

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