Everlasting scented products

Initially a brand of refillable scented candles, today, Belaia explores new olfactory horizons by expanding its range of products... Thus, in addition to our candles, we have created transformable perfume diffusers, offering an immersive sensory experience.

The idea is simple: we have kept the same glass as that of our candles, thus offering an ecological and sustainable solution. Thanks to wax refills , this glass can be transformed into an infinite candle and With our diffuser kit you can convert glass into an elegant fragrance diffuser.

Eternal candles

Visuel du Logo Belaia

The candle is no longer ephemeral, it becomes eternal, immortal, it renews itself.

How does it work ?

Noix de coco ouverte

Wax refills

When there's no more, there's still !

Why offer wax refills ?

Pictogramme Recyclable

Environmentally friendly

Wax refills that limit unnecessary waste (candle jars).

Pictogramme Feuille


Use of vegetable wax.

Pictogramme Sablier

Up to 200 h

Wax burns much slower than most, there is a longer burning time. From 70h to 200h.

Pictogramme Euros avec un coeur


They allow you to have a new candle for half the price.

Scented diffusers

Turn your scented candles into fragrance diffusers

why offer diffusers?


Transform your Belaia candle into an elegant fragrance diffuser thanks to its wooden cap accompanied by 8 sticks for optimal diffusion.

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Enjoy our 4 exclusive fragrances in your diffuser, with a fragrance refill provided for continuous diffusion of your favorite scent.

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Economical and ecological, our diffuser is a practical and sustainable alternative to extend the life of your candle.

Fourreaux sisal

Customizable sleeves

A collection of reversible sleeves for a new candle in the blink of an eye.

the advantages of our sleeves

Pictogramme "OK"

Simple and playful

A collection of five easy-to-put on sleeves that allow you to personalize and dress your candle in seconds.

Animation en Picto des Fourreaux Réversibles Belaia

Heads or Tails?

The sleeves are reversible so that you can adapt the design of your candle to your desires!

Picto Pierre Précieuse


Designs inspired by the global decorative concept and will suit all interiors and all moods.

How to apply it?

A reversible magnetic sleeve, which can be changed smoothly !

Visuel Fourreau Réversible Ouvert


Visuel Fourreau Réversible Demi Ouvert


Visuel Fourreau Réversible Enroulé


Visuel Fourreau Réversible Fermé


Visuel Fourreau granite


In summary

A sustainable candle

Pictogramme Feuille

For the planet

Through the use of vegetal wax and refills of wax that limit waste.

Pictogramme Sablier

In time

Thanks to the wax refills
and a longer burning time.

Pictogramme Fourreau

Throughout the seasons

Thanks to the sleeves which allow
to change the design infinitely.


Imagine candles that look like you

Bougies Belaia 70 et 200h posées sur un bar

2 burning times of your choice

We offer two sizes of glass jars:
• 180 g: 70 hours of burning
• 500 g: 200 hours of burning

our engagements

Pictogramme Made In France

French fabrication

Handcrafted candles that make the local economy and know-how work. The perfumes are developed in Grasse.

Pictogramme Main tenant des étoiles


Elegant candles with carefully selected materials and maximized burning time.

Pictogramme Feuille

Environmentally friendly

Natural components, recyclable materials and manufacturing, that respects animals and the environment.