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How to refill your scented candle in 6 steps?

This question may sound weird. "The candle is an ephemeral object, and you say that it could become eternal?"

We are proud to be able to tell you that yes, thanks to Belaia refills, your scented candles can burn endlessly!

If you are looking for a way to refill your favorite scented candle, this article is for you!

But first of all, here is a small presentation of the star product without which giving a second life to a candle would remain only a dream:

Wax refill

Belaia Wax Refill

With their intoxicating natural fragrances, their own composition and their extended burning time: impossible to go wrong. Our refills are:

An economical choice...
Our wax refills are a way to save, because they allow you to have a scented candle for almost half the price .

And ecological!
More than a wax refill: a step towards more responsible consumption and a 0 unnecessary waste approach. Our refills are composed of a winning trio:

  1. A 100% natural vegetable wax from coconut & rapeseed
  2. Perfumes made on the Côte d'Azur in Grasse: the world capital of scents
  3. A 100% cotton wick guaranteed lead-free, for a healthy and homogeneous combustion.

Now that it is presented, we will let it seduce you:

And now, how do I recharge my candle?

We are now getting to the heart of the matter, the steps for recharging an empty pot with the Belaia refill. And it will surely surprise you, but it is far from rocket science!
The recharging process consists of 6 steps and will not take you more than one or two hours. It's detailed just below, and there's even a video to guide you!

Here are the 6 steps that will make your candle eternal:

Trash diagram
1. Peel the wicks from the bottom of the candle and discard them

Scheme Boil
2. Boil water then pour it into the empty pot

Diagram Cool containing
3. Wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for the water to cool and the wax to rise to the surface

Scheme clean the pot with a sponge
4. Empty and clean the last wax residues using a sponge

Scheme wash the pot
5. Clean the glass of the candle using a window cleaner and a cloth

Spark plug recharging diagram
6. Just insert your refill into your brand new glass!

Would you prefer a video tutorial? That's good !

Miniature Recharge your Candle

You are now ready to recharge your favorite candle, and enjoy it endlessly!

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