Why choose Belaia scented candles?

There is no shortage of scented candles on the market, so you may be wondering what sets Belaia candles apart from the competition. Here they are :
Embalming your house with toxic paraffin: this is the risk when you light the majority of scented candles on the market. This is why Belaia has chosen to prioritize your health.
Our 100% vegetable oil scented wax is made from a mixture of coconut & rapeseed.
Our fragrances come straight from Grasse on the Côte d'Azur: the world capital of scents!
Finally, our candles are cast by hand near Lyon before being repatriated and packaged by us in Paris.

Made In France, sustainable, artisanal, natural & respectful of your health, here are the arguments that make the Belaia candle an essential!

100% eco-responsible

From cotton wicks to vegetable wax, our scented candles are fully eco-responsible. This is important to us in this era where each individual must do their part to limit their environmental impact.

On its own scale, Belaia hopes to change the consumption habits of scented candle lovers.

Our Unique Perfumes

Each fragrance from Belaia promises a different atmosphere. No matter what mood you are in, our perfumer has developed the perfect perfume for your desires. You will only have to burn one of our candles to perfume your interior.

- Amber Vanilla : The perfect fragrance for the home! This candle will diffuse vanilla scents that are more amber than sweet, in a game of contrasts led by floral notes, all on a subtly woody background.
- Monoi : Our monoi candle takes you to the beaches of Tahiti! Its fragrance is a bouquet of orange blossom, tiare and frangipani.
- Tuberose : This fragrance is the most intense of our range. Our Tuberose candle blends captivating floral notes of tuberose, jasmine and rose with a woody base of musk and cedar.
- Paper from Armenia : This candle will create a warm atmosphere for your interior. This perfume mixes woody notes of cedars and finally a base of vanilla patchouli which gives it roundness.
- Hot Sand : The candle that will make you travel in the sun! Our warm sand fragrance is a blend of sea spray notes with scents of white flowers and a woody base of cedar and musk.
- Blueberry tea : Do you want a soft and reassuring atmosphere? The Blueberry Tea perfume is made for you! Its fragrance fuses notes of green tea, blueberries on a citrus background.


- Candle 180g - Size (cm) 8 × 8 × 1
- Candle 500g - Size (cm) 12.5 × 12.5 x 10.5
- Scented with the flavor of your choice: Hot Sand, Tuberose, Blueberry Tea, Armenian Paper, Monoi and Vanilla Amber
- In natural & vegetable wax (vegetable oils 20% coconut & 80% rapeseed)
- 100% cotton wick guaranteed lead-free
- Reusable and recyclable glass