Belaia rejoint le mouvement Make Friday Green Again !

Belaia joins the Make Friday Green Again movement!

Belaia is boycotting Black Friday and its harmful consequences by joining the Make Friday Green Again movement for the second consecutive year. We will explain everything to you :

Belaia joins Make Friday Great Again and boycotts Black Friday!

Belaia is committed, just by its existence and its values, to a responsible, ethical consumption approach that respects current social and environmental issues.

It is therefore natural that Belaia will not follow the international event that is Black Friday. To follow this commercial movement would be to betray all the principles that led to the beginning of this adventure.

Not only does Belaia boycott Black Friday, but we are also committed to communicating throughout November anti-Black Friday messages, awareness, key figures and many other things to support our support for this cause that is expensive.

Black Friday: A timeless event

For several years, the last Friday of November, known as "Black Friday", has become a big party for mass consumerism, during which many commercial brands lower prices on a variety of products. This commercial tradition imported from the United States has gradually become the symbol of uninhibited consumption, promoting an unsustainable production model and bordering on human slavery. In addition to offering often misleading promotions, the logic of Black Friday is socially and environmentally catastrophic:
How to produce more and more at a lower cost, with the sole objective of blind consumption without thinking about the environment and the people who suffer from it?

Belaia's values ​​and commitments are the opposite of everything that Black Friday represents, which is why we are campaigning to make the last Friday of November greener than black by joining the Make Friday Green Again movement!

Some numbers :

  • During Black Friday 2020, 22 Million Tons of CO2 emitted for more than 6 billion online purchases. This is 10 times more CO2 than in 2014 (Source: RTS , November 2020)
  • 27% of French people themselves believe that the priority is to reduce their purchases in general, compared to 14% in 2017 (Source: 2019 Greenflex/Ademe barometer )
  • 51% of French people think that Black Friday has a negative impact on the environment (Source: Yougov, 2019 )
  • 78% of French people consider that Black Friday is linked to overconsumption (Source: Maif and Envy, 2019 )
  • Also in 2020, 2 out of 3 French people were interested in Black Friday (-10% compared to 2019) (Source: Ouest France, December 2020 )

To sum up, Black Friday is an aberration in an era where humanity must be more responsible. The phenomenon has greatly developed in recent years, despite everything, we can observe an awakening of consciences on this subject and this is excellent news. We must continue the fight so that one day, such an event is no longer accepted by public opinion.

Thanks to you, Black Friday will go green!

In 2019, the Faguo brand launched the Make Friday Great Again collective with the aim of bringing together as many brands as possible to change the global opinion on Black Friday. The movement brings together more than 1000 brands each year, and we are proud to be part of it for the 2022 edition!
This year, for its awareness campaign, Make Friday Great Again is setting up a greenline to help consumers resist the temptations of Black Friday.

You will be able to:

  • Get emergency coaching if you're about to crack on a "useless" purchase
  • Have more info to better understand the impacts of Black Friday
  • Get some tips to learn how to consume less and better

This article is also the first awareness-raising action carried out by Belaia, and we would like to give you some advice to better approach the Black Friday period:

  • Analyze your needs to avoid unnecessary purchases
  • Repair your property when possible
  • Recycle what is no longer usable
  • Giving objects a second life by selling them (or giving them away)
  • Buy what you need at the right price
  • Buy robust, to avoid having to replace in a short time

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