Comment choisir la senteur d’un diffuseur de parfum ?

How to choose the scent of a perfume diffuser?

Find out which perfume diffuser scent is ideal for your home according to your olfactory tastes. This article will give you all the keys to selecting the fragrance diffuser that suits you best.

At Belaia , we want our fragrance diffusers to add a warm and relaxing touch to your interior. But how do you choose the perfume that suits you best?

The different scents of Belaia perfume diffusers

Understanding different perfume notes

As with candle or body fragrances, it is important to understand the different top, middle and base notes.

1. Top notes

These are the first smells you smell. They are often fresh and light and last about 15 minutes. Top notes may include citrus, herbs, fruits and spices.

2. Heart notes

This is the central part of the perfume. They can be floral scents, woody or even spicy notes.

3. Background notes

These are the last smells you smell and last the longest. They are rich and deep and may include scents of vanilla, musk, incense or woods.

How to choose your perfume ?

Our perfumes are designed in Grasse, France with experts in the field. We have 3 signature scents and 1 classic scent.

1. Hot Sand

Our Sable Chaud fragrance invites you to a sensory escapade on a sunny beach. Its marine fragrance, combined with scents of white flowers and cedar wood and musk, evokes the soothing and relaxing atmosphere of the beach.

  • Top note = Lavandin / Aldehyde
  • Heart note = Ylang-Ylang / White Flowers / Marine Note
  • Base note = Tree Moss / Cedar / Musk

2. Paper from Armenia

Our perfume for Streamer Paper of Armenia scent is inspired by the history and tradition of Armenian craftsmanship. Its unique fragrance, based on benzoin, recalls the characteristic smell of burnt Armenian Paper. This perfume brings a warm and friendly atmosphere to your interior, for an original and authentic olfactory experience.

  • Top notes = Atlas cedar / Virginia cedar / Benzoin
  • Heart note = Copahu / Vetiver / Galac Wood
  • Background note = Patchouli / Benzoin / Vanilla

3. Blueberry Tea

Our Blueberry Tea diffuser perfume is an invitation to a moment of relaxation and serenity. Its subtle fragrance combines notes of green tea, blueberries and citrus fruits for a soothing and refreshing olfactory experience. This diffuser perfume is made from high quality natural ingredients for optimal diffusion of the fragrance in your home.

  • Top notes = Citrus
  • Heart note = Blueberry
  • Background note = Green tea

4. Monoi

Transport yourself to a fine sand beach and let yourself be lulled by the sweet, captivating scent of our Monoï scent for diffuser. Inspired by the heavenly landscapes of the Polynesian islands, this perfume takes you on a unique sensory journey. Our Monoï diffuser fragrance is a subtle blend of coconut oil, vanilla and tiare flowers, which evokes summer vacations and a relaxing tropical ambiance.

  • Top notes = Frangipani / Orange Blossom
  • Heart note = Tiare / Monoï / Jasmine
  • Background note = Musk / Vanilla

In conclusion...

Choosing the right aroma diffuser scent for you is a matter of taste and personal preference. Fragrance diffusers are an alternative to scented candles and allow you to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home. At Belaia, we are proud to offer a selection of natural and unique fragrances to suit all tastes and needs.

We hope this article has been useful to you in your search for a perfume diffuser. Do not hesitate to visit our site to discover our selection of Belaia perfume diffusers and find the one that suits you best.

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