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The Belaia dictionary: Fuel the flame of your knowledge!

When you have your head in the handlebars, you don't necessarily realize things… By dint of using these words every day, they become obvious to us, but in reality, some are out of the ordinary.

In order to help you decipher our dialect, we have concocted THE BELAIA dictionary.

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What defines us

Visual Belaia commitments

Belaia is the “B” of candle, and “Elaïa” is a kind of swallow: lucky bird, symbol of love, freedom, fidelity… In short, only good things!

Scented candle
Classic definition:
Object composed of carcinogenic paraffin-based wax, placed in an unusable glass jar after burning, all made under catastrophic conditions on the ecological and human levels.

Belaia Definition:
Object made of 100% natural wax, placed in a refillable glass jar after burning and therefore infinitely reusable. All made in France in a factory on a human scale!

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Eternal candle
Belaia revolutionizes the candle by making it infinite! Once your wax has completely burned, buy the refill of your choice and as if by magic, your candle is brand new and reusable. The object which by definition is ephemeral, becomes eternal.

Candle refill
The Belaia wax refill is an innovation allowing you to renew your candle endlessly! Made from 100% natural vegetable wax, the refill is a step towards more responsible consumption by limiting unnecessary waste.

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100% natural wax
Belaia wax is 100% natural. It is artisanal, made in France and composed of a mixture of rapeseed & coconut wax. It respects the environment and our health, highlights local know-how, Burns longer and evenly to allow easy replacement, what do the people want?

Burning time
This is the time it takes for a candle to burn completely. thanks to its 100% vegetable and sustainable wax, Belaia can boast of a longer than average burn time. This choice of wax made it possible to obtain burning times of 70 hours for 180 grams of wax, and 200 hours for 500 grams!

Candle sleeve
The BELAIA sleeve allows you to personalize and dress your candle as you wish: 5 reversible sleeves, i.e. 10 different sides with various materials. You will never run out of ideas to decorate your interior!
Made from recycled paper, they imitate the most sophisticated materials while remaining environmentally friendly.

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candle wick
Classic definition:
Element that supplies a candle with fuel. Generally synthetic and chemically treated, the classic wick releases harmful particles during combustion.

Belaia Definition:
Element that supplies a candle with fuel. At Belaia, the wick is 100% cotton and guaranteed lead-free. The choice of the wick is crucial for the good behavior of the candle when it burns, which is why Belaia has left nothing to chance.

Made in France
Symbol used to indicate whether a product is made in France. But it is also one of Belaia's commitments!
All our products are imagined, designed and manufactured in France. Our perfumes are made in Grasse, and our candles are handcrafted in Lyon.
Respect for the planet, the quality of the product or the highlighting of local players are all reasons that made us fall in love with Made In France.

Cotton flower

And does it smell good?

Monoi candle
Our Monoï scent will teleport you to the beaches of Tahiti! Its fragrance is a mixture of tiare flowers and Monoï, underlined by frangipani and orange blossoms, a real olfactory journey.

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Vanilla Candle
The classic of the scented candle revisited by Belaia: Vanilla as the dominant note, which imposes itself in a game of contrasts led by floral notes, all on a subtly woody background.

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Armenia Paper Candle
Our Paper of Armenia scented candle is one of our signature fragrances. This perfume marvelously distils nostalgic scents of yellowed paper and freshly sharpened pencil.

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Tuberose Candle
This perfume comes straight from India. Belaia blended tuberose, jasmine and rose along with a touch of peach and finally a woody base of musk and cedar to create the ultimate floral scent.

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Blueberry Tea Candle
Our Blueberry Tea scented candle will not fail to envelop you with its reassuring softness. Its fragrance blends notes of green tea and blueberries on a citrus background.

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Hot Sand Candle
The Sable Chaud candle is our Best-Seller! Its scents will remind you of the beach you were on this summer. This fragrance blends marine notes of sea spray with scents of white flowers and a woody base of cedar and musk.

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