Belaia x Octobre Rose : Notre engagement lumineux

Belaia x Octobre Rose: Our luminous commitment

October is a special month when the color pink makes sense. At Belaia, we have the privilege of partnering with the 14th edition of Pink October to support breast cancer awareness. This year, our commitment takes a soft and luminous form: special candles offered at Hartmann Hospital.

These candles carry a message of support and hope for patients and medical staff. Belaia is proud to be part of this noble cause that aims to fight breast cancer.
Pink October is a month entirely dedicated to breast cancer awareness, highlighting prevention, early detection and support for individuals affected by this affliction. At Belaia, we are honored to participate in this noble initiative. This year, our contribution is manifested by candles we offered to Hartmann Hospital.

Let's illuminate Hartmann Hospital with Belaia!

During this month of Pink October, Belaia instills a spark of hope at Hartmann Hospital thanks to a stimulating collaboration. Our candles, emblematic and created to provide warmth and comfort, were offered to the hospital as a sign of support for patients and caregivers.

This collaboration is of particular importance to us, because it is the first association to which we are committed as founders of Belaia. Being two women at the origin of this project, this cause touches us deeply. We are aware of the devastating impact that breast cancer can have, and we are determined to provide our support with conviction and empathy. Through this approach, we hope to restore the smile and bring a ray of joy to lighten this painful ordeal, even on our scale. For us, this collaboration is not simply an act of generosity, but a mission marked by love and solidarity, aimed at illuminating the daily lives of those facing this disease.

A message of solidarity in the fight against breast cancer

Each candle conveys a special message of hope and solidarity to fight breast cancer. Belaia is firmly committed to recalling that the community is mobilizing united in support of all those affected by this disease.

The impact of awareness

Octobre Rose is a time dedicated to awareness, education and mobilization. We invite you to join us to make a difference. Whether through a donation, participation in awareness events, or the sharing of stories full of hope, every action has its importance.

United for a breast cancer-free future

At Belaia, we are privileged to be able to support Octobre Rose and Hartmann Hospital. Unite with us for this noble cause, and together, let's shine the light of hope.

Ensemble, réalisons le changement.

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