Choisissez l'abonnement de recharges Belaia qui vous ressemble

Choose the Belaia recharge subscription that suits you

Imagine a world where your interior is always imbued with captivating fragrance, where the warm and fragrant atmosphere welcomes you at every moment. With our subscriptions, this vision becomes reality! We have designed a tailor-made olfactory experience for you, where you can now infinitely refill your finished candle, without the slightest effort.

Our subscriptions are the simplest, most practical and economical way to discover our scents all year round. No need to remember to order anymore. You now have the power to choose your scented ambiance rhythm, based on your preferences and your lifestyle.

Our subscriptions in detail

Each subscription is 100% customizable . Choose the frequency of sending, the quantity of refill you wish to receive, the size of the refill as well as its scent. Without any commitment . Benefit from exceptional offers as well as free delivery .




    Each month

    Every 2 months

    Every 6 months

    -30% offer

    -15% offer

    -10% offer

    70h format : €210 (366€) /year

    70h format : €120 (€175.5) /year

    70h format : €45 (77€) /year

    200h format : €420 (666€) /year

    200h format : €240 (318€) /year

    200h format : €90 (132€) /year

    Which subscription is right for me?

    If you are a perfume lover and love creating a warm atmosphere in your home every day , our MONTHLY subscription is for you. Imagine diving into a new olfactory experience every month, exploring a variety of captivating scents that awaken your senses. Or continue to enjoy your favorite perfume all year round.

    For those who appreciate a less frequent scented atmosphere , but still want to regularly enjoy scented moments, our BIMESTRIAL subscription is ideal. You will have the opportunity to test Belaia scented candles for special occasions, thus creating a memorable and comforting atmosphere in your home.

    Finally, if you prefer rarer , but just as magical, scented moments , our SEMI-ANNUAL subscription is perfect. This option is ideal for those who love scented surprises for special occasions, or for those who like to take their time discovering each scent.

      With our subscriptions, you have the power to personalize your scent experience according to your needs and desires. You'll never have to worry about being without scented candles again. Enjoy the freedom to create a captivating ambiance whenever you want by automatically recharging your candles.

      Belaia candles come to you!

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