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The creation of Belaia and female empowerment

Alizée and Bérénice, the two founders of Belaia, are the perfect example of women who knew how to turn their passion and determination into real success.

Discover their inspiring story, and how they knew how to make female empowerment a concrete reality.

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March 8 is International Women's Day , and the founders wanted to mark the occasion. Belaia is not going to stop at the day, and is going to celebrate Women's Week !

The very creation of Belaia is the result of the progress of the fights led by women since the creation of this day in 1982. This article is therefore there to present the two founders of Belaia, who knew how to materialize their female empowerment in a project concrete, ambitious and innovative.

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What is female empowerment?

Empowerment is above all a question of self-confidence and empowerment. It is the art of breaking the chains that prevent the people concerned from fully realizing their dreams and aspirations, by freeing themselves from all stereotypes.

Female empowerment is therefore the way in which women take risks to pursue their dreams and fight for what they believe in, without being discouraged by obstacles or prejudices.

And what better way to illustrate female empowerment than to talk about women who have been able to turn their passion and their determination into real success? Alizée and Bérénice, the two founders of Belaia, are the perfect example.

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The journey of the founders and the creation of Belaia

Alizée and Bérénice meet during their higher education. After completing their studies and gaining a few years of experience in large groups, the two friends found themselves faced with the obvious: their common passion for cosmetics, well-being and the desire to revolutionize the consumption of scented candles . , of which they themselves are big fans.

Indeed, Alizée and Bérénice are tired of throwing away the glasses of the candles once the wax is consumed. This is why they are thinking about a concept that would make the scented candle eternal. They have therefore worked enormously to obtain products of which they are proud, while taking care that these products are made in France, are durable and respectful of the environment.

It is therefore with an innovative idea, commitments and a lot of work that Belaia was born. A little over a year after the creation, the brand has continued to grow by developing its offer, by becoming international and of course by satisfying ever more customers. It has to continue, but so far, Belaia is a real "success story", and the two women behind this project are no strangers to it.

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With their Belaia brand, they have succeeded in realizing their dream of working in a field that fascinates them, while defending values ​​that are close to their hearts. With their business, Alizée and Bérénice are among the many women who show that the world of entrepreneurship is not just for men. They prove that by showing creativity, courage and determination, neither prejudices nor stereotypes can prevent the achievement of their objectives.

And that is female empowerment. Encourage women to take risks, pursue their dreams and fight for what they believe in, undeterred by obstacles. Alizée and Bérénice knew how to put this philosophy into practice, making Belaia a flourishing company. They hope that the success of their project will one day inspire other women to embark on entrepreneurship.

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