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The perfect gift for Mother's Day

Grandmothers Day is coming! Are you looking for the perfect gift? Do not move ! Find out why giving Belaia to your grandmothers is the perfect idea to celebrate this special day.

Your grandmas deserve the best...

Grandmother's Day is March 5, and it's the perfect opportunity to say "I love you" to the person who has loved and supported you throughout your life. It's a special day to honor our grandmothers and show them how important they are to us.

At Belaia, we believe that every grandmother is unique and deserves to be celebrated in her own way. Get out of the usual gifts and give your grannies a fragrant sweetness to express your love...

Why offer Belaia?

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Reasons to offer Belaia for Grandmother's Day? There are plenty ! Here are a few :

- All Belaia candles are made in France in a human-sized artisanal factory in the suburbs of Lyon, guaranteeing high production quality.

- Belaia candles are available in 6 different scents and beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, making them the ideal gift because they will satisfy all tastes and desires!

- Belaia candles are refillable with our wax refills, providing a durable and economical solution to prolong their use. In addition to offering a quality product, you are offering an innovative and very original gift!

- Belaia candles are eco-responsible and natural , with a 0 waste approach, limited packaging and reusable glass. Composed of 100% vegetable wax made from coconut and rapeseed, they offer a burning time of 70 hours, which is twice the average of the competition for the same weight.

Our fiery recommendations...

Belaia gift boxes

Complete box 70h

Our boxes are THE ultimate gift for our grandmothers' day. These boxes bring together the best Belaia products so that you can compose the perfect gift that perfectly matches your grandmother's tastes.

Choose the scent of your scented candle, then that of your wax refill and finally the design of your reversible sleeve, and you're done!

House advice:

Photo of a tuberose 70h candle

We are convinced that the star perfume of Grandmother's Day will be the "Tubereuse" perfume .

This fragrance blends captivating floral notes of tuberose, jasmine and rose as well as a touch of peach and finally a woody base of musk and cedar. It's the perfect perfume for our deans!

Happy day to all the moms!

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