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Rekindle the flame with Belaia for a perfect Valentine's Day ♥

February 14 is an important date for couples and those who simply love each other. Finding a gift, a nice attention to express the love you have for your loved one is a real challenge. Here are 8 reasons that make Belaia the ideal gift to declare your love.
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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you are looking for a personal and romantic gift that represents the love you have for your partner? Go see our special Valentine's Day selection:

Are you still hesitating? Here are 10 reasons that prove that Belaia products are true proof of love and care for the one you love.

1. An innovative concept that stands out from other brands of scented candles.

Belaia has the ambition to revolutionize the scented candle sector by allowing you to refill your candle once the wax is consumed, and offering you reversible sleeves to dress it up.

Surprise your partner with a one-of-a-kind candle! Let him know the concept so that your partner understands that you did not choose his gift at random.

We detail our concept here if you want to know more.

2. Gift boxes to offer the best of Belaia and at reduced prices.

A few months ago we created the Belaia gift boxes . They compile the best Belaia products for you to give the perfect gift to your significant other (or other people for that matter!).

3 boxes exist so that you can find your happiness whatever your budget. Choose the scent of the candle, the refill and the pattern of your sleeve to compose the ideal personalized gift that corresponds to the tastes and desires of your beloved.

The personalized box is really a great proof of attention towards the loved one, and a proof that you know them well. The ideal tailor-made gift for your Valentine who will fill her with happiness.

3. Eco-friendly ingredients for a more sustainable Valentine's Day.

All Belaia products are made with environmentally friendly ingredients. We are committed to creating eco-responsible products to limit our ecological impact as much as possible and to change habits in terms of consumption.

- Our wax is 100% vegetable based on coconut and rapeseed, guaranteed paraffin-free.

- Our sheaths are entirely made of recycled paper.

- Our wicks are 100% cotton, guaranteed lead-free.

- We limit our use of plastic as much as possible

- We reuse the waste generated by our activities as much as possible.

Today, it is essential that each of us pay attention to our impact on ecology. And giving Belaia on Valentine's Day means proving to your loved one that this cause is close to your heart.

4. Superior quality for a gift that lasts all year round.

Candle 200h

We chose our ingredients, not only with the desire to preserve the environment, but also by favoring quality in order to offer you a premium scented experience.

The manufacture of our products is artisanal and operated by professionals with unique know-how.

Offering our products therefore means favoring quality, and when you offer a gift to your other half, you don't skimp on quality!

5. A variety of flavors to suit all tastes.

We often hear, " all tastes are in nature ", and we fully agree with this adage. This is why we have created a wide variety of perfumes, in order to appeal to as many people as possible.

We have varied styles and intensities to satisfy all senses of smell.

Does your partner get a massage every month? Offer him the Monoï candle .
Rather sweet than salty? The Thé Myrtille candle will be perfect.
Does she keep talking to you about your last vacation? Our Sable Chaud candle is made for it.
He likes evenings under a plaid by the fire? The Paper of Armenia candle is ideal.
She loves bouquets of flowers? Choose the Tuberose candle !
Does your valentine love vanilla? Fall for our Ambre Vanillé candle .

Choose the ideal perfume to touch him/her right in the heart with a romantic and personalized perfumed gift.

6. Products made ethically in France for a Valentine's Day that respects everyone.

Card "it smells good for the planet"

Always with the aim of providing you with the best possible product, we pay great attention to the origin of our ingredients, and the location of our producers.

All our perfumes are created in Grasse in the south of France, and all our products are made in an artisanal factory near Lyon. Belaia products are Made in France.

A product made in France is a quality product and when choosing a gift for a quality being, that counts!

7. Scented candles that illuminate the room and enhance your interior decoration.

This time, it's not exclusive to Belaia, watch out big revelation:

A candle makes light!

Indeed, a candle gives a warm atmosphere and dresses your room with a subdued light. But Belaia did not want to stop there to dress up your interiors, we have created reversible sleeves so that your candles adapt to your tastes and your interior decoration desires.

We have also written a guide to help you decorate your rooms with Belaia products.

For Valentine's Day, offer a beautiful product that will warm the room of your other half.

8. Elegant and neat packaging for a ready-to-give gift.

Candle and its box

From manufacturing to sending your orders, we leave nothing to chance! We pay particular attention to the preparation of your parcels.

Whether it's for you or your loved ones, we want your orders at Belaia to feel like a gift, and that's why we wrap our candles and their boxes in elegant, eco-responsible tissue paper.

You won't even need to wrap your gift for us (and at no extra cost!).

Finally, if we had any advice to give you for Valentine's Day, don't do it at the last moment! Do not rush either at the risk of disappointing your partner. Thanks to Belaia, there is no risk of making a mistake!

We convinced you? So go ahead and choose the perfect gift from our special Valentine's Day selection:

Did you find it great? There are more here!

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