Recharge Bougie parfumée Monoï 70h Belaia
Bougie parfumée Monoï 70h Belaia
Recharge Bougie parfumée Monoï 200h Belaia
Bougie parfumée Monoï 200h Belaia

Monoï scented candle refill

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Choose your burn time:70h

Our refill for the Monoï scented candle in detail

With their heady and refined scents, their clean composition and their long burning time: it's impossible to go wrong. More than a wax refill: a step towards more responsible consumption by limiting unnecessary waste. Our refills are also an economic alternative, because they allow you to have a candle for 2 times less. Composed of a 100% natural vegetal wax, perfumes developed in Grasse, and a 100% cotton wick guaranteed lead-free, for healthy and homogeneous combustion.

Our Monoi scented candle will certainly take you on a trip to the islands. Its fragrance blends tiare flowers and monoi, underlined by frangipani and orange blossom, a real olfactory journey. 100% natural coconut wax and rapeseed candle.

Recyclable PS plastic - 80/90% recycled expanded polystyrene, 100% recyclable (in yellow bins).

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Bougies 200h & 70h

70 hours refill

Filling wax (g) 180
Size (cm) 8 × 8 × 10

Thanks to our refills,
a new candle, for almost 2x cheaper !
Pictogramme Recyclable


Wax refills that limit unnecessary waste (candle jars).

Pictogramme Euros avec un coeur


They allow you to have a new candle for half the price.

Pictogramme Main tenant des étoiles


Vegetable wax, 100% cotton wick and recyclable packaging.

How to refill your candle ?


Visuel Poubelle

Peel off the wicks from the bottom of the candle and throw them away

Visuel Bouillir

Boil water then pour it into the empty candle

Visuel Refroidissement

Wait 30 minutes to 1 hour, for the water to cool and for the wax to rise to the surface

Visuel Savonner

Empty then clean the last wax residue using a sponge

Visuel Nettoyer

Clean the glass of the candle using a window cleaner and a cloth.

Visuel Recharge

Just insert your refill into your brand new glass!

We've written a guide that tells you how to refill your spent candles:

Visuel composition de la bougie

Candles composition

We have chosen the best materials to offer you quality products. Our candles are made from natural Coconut and Rapeseed wax, a wax that burns slowly, allowing for a longer burning time and a more lasting experience. Our wick is cotton guaranteed lead free. Composed of natural fibers, it is respectful of the environment.

Bougie Belaia 70h qui fume

Usage Information

Never leave a burning candle out of your line of sight or unattended. Keep your candle out of the reach of children and pets. The candle flame can reach 10 cm in height. Keep your candle away from all sources of heat, hot surfaces, sparks, flames, and sources of ignition. Do not ingest. May cause an allergic reaction.

We accept no responsibility for any damage caused while using this candle.

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