Briquet électrique rechargeable Belaia
Briquet électrique rechargeable Belaia sur Bougie 200h Belaia
Briquet électrique rechargeable Belaia allumant une bougie 70h Belaia

Electric Lighter

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The electric lighter in detail

This Belaia engraved stainless steel / aluminum electric lighter is refillable. It belongs to the new generation of lighters.

Thanks to the innovative technology of plasma heating elements, it is possible to light our candles safely and without flame. No need to refill it with gas, just charge it using the USB cable provided. Ideal not to burn your fingers.

Practical, windproof, durable and environmentally friendly.

  • Equipped with a protection system for children.
  • TÜV certified.
  • Included: Micro-USB charging cable, lithium battery and user manual. Per piece in a box.
Visuels : Vanille, Fleurs, Désert et dunes

Usage Information

Never leave a burning candle out of your line of sight or unattended. Keep your candle out of the reach of children and pets. The candle flame can reach 10 cm in height. Keep your candle away from all sources of heat, hot surfaces, sparks, flames, and sources of ignition. Do not ingest. May cause an allergic reaction.

We accept no responsibility for any damage caused while using this candle.