Wick Cutter
Wick Cutter

Wick Cutter

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The Wick Cutter in detail

The Belaia Wick Cutter is specially designed to maintain the wicks of your candles. By regularly cutting the wick, this tool ensures optimal combustion and avoids smoke production, thus ensuring a clean and efficient use of your candles.

Simple tips for use:

  1. Turn off the candle: Make sure the flame is completely extinguished before using the wick cutter.

  2. Refocus the wick: Use the wick cutter to gently reposition the wick in the center of the candle, if necessary.

  3. Cut the wick: Once the candle has cooled, cut the wick to about 1 cm. This will promote cleaner combustion during the next use.

The Belaia Wick Cutter is the perfect tool to keep your candles in perfect condition.